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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

episode 4 - Yo! Gorilla

Kensington Ave and Front Street


tammi kirk said...

david, i watched like a countdown from 5. visually there is amazing stopped still footage. i really enjoyed 1 & 2 letting the obvious be. really all of them do that , but as the episodes progress they become more interview style. i see the a switch being made like your becoming more interested in the subject for what they are saying than what you can do with it. its almost like your becoming a bit more comfortable, with the human side. i truly think what you are working on here is quite good. i want to see more.

David S Kessler said...

thanks tammi, you are right about the additional focus on the individual in the last few. it felt like that needed to be done. It's an experiment and I'm still feeling my way around what it is and what it could be.

Nathan Miller said...

I read about you in an article Jay Dedman posted on the yahoo groups. I have stopped by your site before, I think at that time, you only had a couple videos up. Your videos are great! This moment/this video - it seemed you captured - told this man's story , not to sound rude, but perhaps his life's story in only a few I watched it, I found myself thinking about so many things...this man's reality, his background - he seemed so proud and confident. I am looking forward to watching more of your videos.

David S Kessler said...

thanks Nathan,

that means a lot to me. I'm trying to work on a few more episodes before December. Originally, that is when i intended on ending the project but the response has been so much stronger than i would have imagined that I am thinking I will most likely continue it. Either way, I am having a gallery show in December devoted to the whole first year, so that is mainly what I am working on now.

I like the Gorilla episode a lot too. I saw him the other day and found out that he had seen the episode and enjoyed it very much. that was really important to me.

thanks again

Noc said...

As many times as I've taken flyers from that guy and driven past him, I never once thought to actually speak to him. To think, my route (i'm a labcorp courier) was in Kensington for about a year and a few months and I never knew an ounce of that dude's personality.
It's weird seeing people you sorta know, but not really, come to life.
I respect what you're doing bro.

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