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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

episode 16 - something provocative


danielle said...

as you already know, I'm a big fan.

sara said...

you're right. it's totally impossible to make out anything that little kid is saying. but he's so super fun.

artincognito said...

I used to live under the el when people would dress up on Sunday and promenade along the avenue window shopping, and chatting. It makes me sad. Some just got left behind, or couldn't leave.

David S Kessler said...

I'm relatively new to the area. I live under the el now but i've only come close to these neighborhoods until recently so I don't have the perspective of how it has changed at all over time. I hear a lot about the changes but sometimes it seems that they have been a quick decline more recently and other times it seems like the change can years before most peoples' memories here.
i think there is still some of what you remember and i think there is an honest effort among people here to rebuild and move on. it is often sad but I think there is a definite feeling of hope also

an ongoing video project by David S Kessler

Shadow World is a project I am currently working on. Set under the el tracks in north Philadelphia, it is an exploration of this unique, fascinating and often intimidating space that (at least for this year) I call home.
-David S Kessler