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Monday, August 6, 2007

episode 20 - no parking lot


squareamerica said...

Wow! I just stumbled across this series and I'm blown away- it's amazing how much narrative and sense of place your able to get across in each film in just a couple of minutes. Any plans on turning this into a long form piece? It reminds me a bit of a more atmospheric Streetwise (the Mary Ellen Mark film about kids living on the streets of Seattle). Keep up the good work!

nicky buttons said...

wow dave feels like watching the kensington/fishtown version of the waltons.since i was in a chapter and theses are my roots.i feel that they are part of my distant family.keep up the awesome work.

David S Kessler said...

Hey Nick! great to see you stopped by.
for those that don't know, Nick was the subject of episode 7, the hobby. and i'm a big fan of his. If you are in Philadelphia on the weekends, go visit Nick at Bada Bargains on Front Street. It's an awesome flea market near the Girard stop. I stopped by a couple of weeks ago and there were some great finds. Plus Nick is always a pleasure to talk to.

David S Kessler said...

Hi Squareamerica, thank you. I have a version of the series that I made where i strung all the episodes together for a DVD. I like it, but since the camera I use is fairly non-professional, i'm not sure how it will translate projected on a screen yet. I use a small sony trv22. i found that it helps that people are not intimidated by it and the picture still looks great online. I'll be having some screening soon around Philly so I'll start t o get an idea of what it looks like in other venues.
BTW, i checked out your blog, and I LOVE IT, great stuff.

AL Boo Sound said...

Good stuff David,

Go down to Frankford Terminal or Sommerset Station you should get some good stuff down there. You keep filming I will keep watching.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful films. I spent 8 very very educational years in Philly. You can walk down "the Ave." and make 800 documentaries based on the characters you'll find. Fantastic idea, is reminiscent of Mary Ellen Mark- but much less dated. Keep filming!

Jennifer said...

..and I also have to add that you can go to any neighborhood- Fishtown, South Philly, Port Richmond, Wissinoming, Tacony and talk to the regular people who live there and will find equally compelling "entertainment". I have never seen anything like it anywhere in the world.

David S Kessler said...

I have to completely agree with you Jennifer. I think something like this can be done anywhere. I think this location is special visually and that is why i picked it but you can find interesting characters wherever you go, that's the beauty of it.

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